Ignite your idea

Let us help you build your IoT business


A program to validate and fast-track your solution through direct access to millions of customers.

A strong partner with invaluable industrial expertise on a truly global scale.

A network of key decision makers across industries and world class engineering talent.

Do you have what it takes?

You’re an early-stage startup with a great idea or a first prototype.

Your technology or solution has potential to disrupt the smart climate space.

You want to demonstrate value by integrating your solution first in Viessmann products.

Your ambition is to become a global player in the IoT space.

A chance you don’t want to miss

Acquire a top industrial client with a wide product portfolio.

Leverage almost 100 years of industrial expertise.

Build a powerful use case to validate your solution.

Co-develop and retain your Intellectual property.

Spar with top-digital talent in Germany’s startup ecosystem in Berlin.

Access a network of top-notch VCs and funding.

What can you expect from the program?

Over the course of three months, you will work together with Viessmann experts in Allendorf or Berlin to build your solution and grow your company.
Four cornerstones of the program will culminate in a demo day to showcase your work to the world.

What to expect
Build and refine
your solution
Establish and amplify
your network
Learn and grow
as entrepreneurs
Scale and sell
your solution

Introduce your team and your idea to us!